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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Beginning, The End, The New Beginning

Alright. So I started this blog because I saw Islam being attacked everywhere rather unfairly. They say, "look Islam says such and such a thing" when they dont realize the Bible says the exact same thing or much worse. Same goes for the Torah or another religious book. They say "look what the Muslims are doing" while Hindus do far worse things and no one talks about them. Etc, etc. It becomes quite clear that Islam is not being attacked for something wrong with Islam itself... There is nothing wrong with Islam itself (although there is MUCH that is wrong with Muslims). Islam was attacked because it was the new political enemy, and with all the media distortions and everything it became everyone's enemy... it was under the spotlight.

And then I saw all those Muslims trying to defend Islam from this, defend Islam from that... and they all sounded like weak apologists, the ones at the bottom trying to become level with the rest of the world. BAHUMBUG! Islam is and always has been far superior morally and spiritually to any thought system in the history of Planet Earth, and everyone else is supposed to be trying to catch up with it. Muslims are supposed to be criticizing everyone else for not being up to par with Islamic standards. Why are we playing the role of the weak? Why are we on the defensive instead of the offensive? Yes, we're being attacked, but we're supposed to launch a counter-attack. To take control. To reverse the situation. Turn the tables. Being on the defensive all the time makes you look weak in the eyes of everyone else. And eventually you see in yourself what others see in you.

And thus the blog was started...

But then I came to realize one little problem... I just couldn't do it. Oh I wrote a great list of so many topics to write about. I still have it lying around somewhere. I had lots of great stuff to talk about. But I just couldn't do it. I'm not like those hateful anti-Islamic shayateen attacking Islam online out of pure hatred. Even though what I was supposed to write was completely different, and not hateful at all. I just wanted to point out where Islam was superior and where others were being hypocritical in criticizing Islam. But even that I couldn't do. I could show that they're wrong about Islam, but I just could't get myself to show them how they have the same things in their sacred texts, or how they have bad things compared to the Qur'an. I couldn't say, "well why don't you look at Hindus and what they're doing about this", or "did you know of such and such problems with the Bible.." etc, etc. I could write a few, but I couldn't keep it up. It's just not in me. Maybe someone else can pick up where I left off and do this. But not me. I'm not even sure it's Islamic. Even though I AM convinced that the offensive is far better than the defensive (better strategically). But still, I couldn't get myself to do it.

And don't get me wrong. The point of the counter-attack was never to just say "oh yeah? well look at the problems that you people have!" No.. the point was to get people to ask: "If these issues that Islam is being criticized for, exist in all these other religions/cultures... and if all that other stuff is going on with such and such a religion or culture... why is it that no one is talking about them? Why is it that everyone is only talking about Islam?" And thus to bring about the realization that Islam is the political enemy of the age, chosen by certain groups. And that is the SOLE reason it was put under the spotlight. If it was not so, no one would be talking about Islam right now.

And so, not being comfortable at pointing out flaws in other people, I had no material I could feel good about using for my blog. It was called "The Counter Crusade". But there was no Crusade. It was more of a defensive with a little stone thrown at the crusaders once in a while. And so, I dont see how "The Counter Crusade" blog can go on. I think this became obvious to anyone reading my blog long ago. The problem was the theme of the blog.

And so I'm ending this, and starting something new. Something much more flexible where I can write all the time about different topics, and not be constrainted by the title of the blog. Something that I feel more comfortable writing about. And if anyone wants to join me, ahlan wa sahlan.

What about?

“Verily Allah will never change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Q 13:11)

We're all talking about how the ummah needs to change. Well, I'm gonna start talking about how I need to change. Each and every one of us starts to look at himself before he looks at others. By changing what is in ourselves, we change what the people around us. This is a universal truth, recognized by sages of every culture and religion. I'm gonna talk about my efforts to improve my worship. To improve my health. To improve my body and mind. To improve my spiritual himma (will, effort). And I'm hoping others will join me in this, in discussing the issues important to them or even documenting their own progress. This is how a true revolution happens. By taking action first within ourselves. And by extension, the blog will talk about the ummah... New ideas. Social change. Regime change. Revolution. Religious Thought. Environmental issues. Everything. We talk about each of these issues, and every week or so I (and anyone who wishes to do so as well), will give an update on my own physical/spiritual progress.

Anyway, anyone who wants to join, let me know. You just have to be a Muslim wanting to change what is in you so that Allah may change the condition of our ummah. But it's not that important, as I plan to do this anyway. I will have this blog forcing me to improve myself. I have to post my progress online every week. This will encourage me to work harder, inshalla.



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