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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

dum, dum, dum

... i can think of nothing to write about.


  • a favorite topic is always shar'iah. Some have suggested it is merely a personal concept, with adherence purely voluntary.

    You might also discuss the shrine bombing, or the upcoming Israeli elections, or the global reaction to the democratic election of Hamas, or hmm... i dunno dude.

    i'd be interested to hear your thoughts on any of those topics (and more!)

    By Blogger Steve, at 11:51 AM, March 02, 2006  

  • oh and there's also "Progressive Islam" ala Amina Wadud, she's an interesting topic.

    Or you could discuss the forthcoming book by Irshad Manji and Rushdie comparing Islamism (whatever that means) to Communism and Fascism.

    Its funny when I heard about that, I immediately thought to myself - Fascism and Communism are not quite the concepts people often think they are (if you read Das Kapital, or if you study National Socialist regimes), let alone an appropriate comparison to "Islamism" anyways... food for thought.

    By Blogger Steve, at 11:54 AM, March 02, 2006  

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