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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Warrior Muslimas 4: The Lone Warrior

Before getting to our formidable warrior Muslima, we should first learn a little about a man of the name of Zarrar ibn al Azwar. Zarrar was a great Muslim warrior who was known as "The Naked Warrior" because he would throw off his armor and shirt when fighting an enemy to show his desire for martyrdom. Zarrar was popular among the Muslim fighters and was used to boost their morale, as he did in the Battle of Ajnadayn when he challenged Byzantine champions to duels before the battle. He yelled out: "I am the death of the pale faces (cowards), I am the killer of Romans; I am the scourge sent upon you, I am Zarrar Ibn al Azwar". He is said to have slain several Byzantine champions who accepted his duels, including the governers of Tiberias and Amman.[1]

Zarrar was Khalid ibn al Walid's* commander in one of his campaigns during the caliphate of Abu Bakr (r.a), and was commanded to fight the Byzantine army, but was captured. Khalid pursued the Byzantines and saw a lone warrior, attacking and killing enemy soldiers, and then withdrawing. Attacking, killing, withdrawing again. Khalid demanded that the warrior identify himself, so the warrior removed the head covering and said, "I am Khawla, sister of Zarrar!" She was fighting to rescue her brother.

Khalid was very impressed by her courage and skill with the spear so he asked her to join the war party against the Byzantines to free Zarrar. They ambushed the Byzantine contingent that guarded Zarrar, and Khawla fought visciously and killed many men ending the battle with a decisive victory for the Muslims and freedom for her beloved brother.[2]

* The famous Muslim general with only one equal in known history: Alexander the Great
1. Battle of Ajnadayn
2. Women and Traditional Muslim Fighting Arts


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