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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Aman - Sincerely (lyrics)

you're my heart - yo,
I've gotta let you know,
ain't no supermodels or actresses in video's
more beautiful...

I like the way you speak, with honesty
the way you dress, with modesty
and therefore...
I've got to tell you logically

ain't nobody else that I would rather spend time with
come home from a 9 to 5, sit & unwind with
have a conversation with
you taught me patience is

a virtue not a draw back
you'll never let me fall back
a powerful Muslimah with the beauty of a flower
fast talking, half naked women got nothing on you

they scream, 'youre oppressed'
then fiend, for the respect
you get for just being yourself
so don't let

them get you confused, you ain't gotta dress like them
walk or talk like them, or do your hair like them...
why? Cause you're a symbol of respect and strength
a role model for them so represent - do your thing!

you're more precious, than the treasures
buried in the seas
more exquisite,
than the finest piece of jewelry

...the patience, the pride
...the prayers, the cries
...the sisters, the wives
we love you

the strength, beauty, patience, pride
hope, faith, prayers, cries
mothers, daughters, sisters, wives...
we love you, we love you

you're not a symbol of oppression
more like a symbol of freedom
or one of liberation
a strong sister...

heaven is beneath your mother's feet
never let them tell you different
this is dedicated to the sisters...
and wives, and daughters, and mothers...

who's tears flow freely at times in dark corners
when these over-bearing pressures of life pile upon them
but in our presence, they show nothing but signs
of strength, wisdom, and courage in their beautiful eyes

the navigators of our lives...
educators of our children...
this is for all women

...the patience, the pride
...the prayers, the cries
...the sisters, the wives
we love you
(not the full lyrics)


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